We had a very pleasant stay at Eden Roc. Claude came to the airport to welcome us and left a surprise on the last day. The villa itself is beautiful and comfortable. Actual view is even better than what pictures show. Staff (Ilo and Made) were very attentive and helpful. Amed is a pleasant place, not too busy with great diving (US Liberty ship wreck) and snorkeling (Japanese ship wreck) spots. We also visited the surroundings (Lempuyang, Water Palaces, Besakih, paddy fields). Our only comment is to regards with the catering part. We initially requested for a chef. Unfortunately, it was not possible and food deliveries from the nearby Blue Moon restaurant was proposed as a solution. Although food & prices were correct, we didn’t like this solution: It took them 2 hours to bring our order one night, and they refused to deliver at convenient time the other night. Hence we went for other solutions (Baliku, Sails, own cooking) but as Amed is isolated and quite spread over, it is not always easy logistics wise.